In Motion Rail Scales

In-Motion Rail Scales are weighing devices that calculate the weight of animal carcasses hung from a motorized rail system in a meat processing plant. These scales are constructed using stainless steel components, feature a capacity range of 500 kg x 0.1 kg (or 1100 lb. x 0.2 lb) and can handle up to 2000 weighments per hour. These units are available in two live rail sizes, 36" for beef and 24" for pork.

ISI-8000 Dynamic Carcass Weigher

Notable Features

Interweigh Systems Inc.
Model: ISI-8000 Dynamic Carcass Weigher

The Interweigh In-Motion Rail Scale is designed to capture the weight of an animal carcass as it travels along a motorized rail system. The scale is installed to replace a section of the motorized rail and thus becomes part of the live rail. The scale has a motorized chain that advances the trolley-hook along the scale at faster rate than the rails system itself. As the trolley-hook passes over the scale it trips a sensor that activates the weighing process.

Interweigh has been providing static rail scales to the meat industry for over 20 years and introduced its Dynamic Carcass Weigher in 1997.

The In-Motion Rail Scale comes in two live rail sizes, 36" for beef and 24" for pork. Its stainless steel rail components are suspended from a 4 load cell support structure. The scale's support structure is mounted to the same structure as the rail system, thus avoiding any additional framing for installation.


Weighs & Measures:

Canadian approval # AM-5208C. Capacity is 500 kg x 0.1 kg or1100 lb. x 0.2 lb and up to 2000 weighments per hour.


Why choose Interweigh for your in-motion rail scale requirements? Interweigh is a leader in in-motion scale technology, which has been incorporated into the ISI-8000 line of products. This is a 4 load cell scale with rubber shock-mounts, which provides a level of stability to the scale not found in other dynamic rail systems. The ISI-8000 is built in our Markham facility and is installed by the same Technicians that assemble, test and service this product.


In-motion Rail Scales are used by:

  • Beef or Pork Producers to determine the Dressed Weight or Hot Weight of the carcass to pay the farmer and to determine the weigh going into the cooler.
  • Beef or Pork Producers to determine the weight of a carcass as it leaves the cooler to calculate the shrinkage, while in the cooler and determine expected yields.
  • Pork Producers to determine the amount of weight loss or gain during processing, such as smoking or seasoning.

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