AV6010: In-Motion Bar Code Scanners and Dimensioners

The AccuVision® AV6010 by Accu-Sort are In-Motion Bar Code Scanners and Dimensioners that promise “best in class” performance for 1D and 2D barcode reading as well as support for OCR, Video Coding applications and certified parcel dimensioning. As the world leader in industrial high-speed camera-based automatic identification solutions, Accu-Sort’s AccuVision® 2D camera barcode scanners, well known for innovation and best performance have always set the bar high. AV6010 in-motion barcode scanners continue the tradition by providing outstanding image quality and performance for the most demanding solutions for 1D and 2D barcode scanner symbology reading as well as OCR and Video Coding applications, combined with the industry's highest reliability and easiest installation. Can also be used as a dimensioning device and is legal for trade in Canada.

Download the AV6010 Camera Barcode Scanner Brochure.

AV6010 Scanner and Dimensioner

Notable Features

  • Highest Read Performance:
    Ensures the highest possible read rates on good and poor quality codes.
    Superior image quality guarantees highest read rates especially for OCR systems.
    Up to 1+3 processors allow for configuration to meet application requirements.
  • Unfailing Reliability:
    > 75,000 hours MTBF
    Lynx OS / Linux-based operating systems means no patches and no viruses.
    No hard drives = no UPS, no disk crashes.
  • Easiest to install, use and maintain:
    One cable connects it all!
    6-sided camera tunnel install in < 10 hours!
    Powerful, intuitive HTML user interface.
    Auto-calibration Wizard reduces total commissioning setup time by 70%.
    Modular plug-n-play design reduces downtime to max. 10-15 minutes MTTR.
  • “Beyond Bar Codes” Flexibility:
    Parcel Dimensioning (Legal for Trade in Canada).
    In-camera image preprocessing for OCR/OCV systems.
    FAST Monitor™ compatible.
    VisionCapture™ compatible

AV6010 Barcode Scanner and Dimensioner


Typical AV6010 scanning and dimensioning solutions address these industries and applications:

  • Parcel and Postal Logistics
  • Retail/wholesale distribution
  • Warehouse and Mail Order Logistics
  • OCR and VCS Solutions
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Multiside Tunnel Arrays

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