Meat Packaging Equipment

We offer a number of meat packaging equipment, solutions and systems for all the major aspects of the food packaging process. We have floor and bench top scales for weighing and point of sale, software for ordering and shipping processes, labelers for labeling food packages and even labeling printers for printing labels and shipping orders. We also supply automatic wrappers that are ideal for vegetable, fish and meat packaging in grocery stores, chicken processing plants, fish and meat packaging plants and vegetable wholesalers.

Ishida WM 4000 Wrappers Weigh Labelers

WM 4000 Meat Packaging Equipment Not only will the WM 4000 wrap your meat products, it will weigh and label them too. This superior retail weigh labeler promises to improve the efficiency of meat packaging in supermarkets, food stores and food processing centers. With a maximum wrapping speed of 35 packs every minute, the WM 4000 automatic wrapper offers higher productivity with reliable and durable performance.

Meat Packaging Weigh LabelersWe offer the WL7000 as a complete weigh labeling solution for meat packing, shipping and distribution applications. This system offers full floor scale integration, check weighing functions with hi and low ranges, automatic code selection and random or fixed weight printing. It also offers three possible outputs from case labels to standard weight and skid labels. Printing features include the ability to print a batch of fixed weight labels and apply a box to a Customer Identification Code.

Lift Deck Floor Scales
Meat Carcass Weighers Ishida Uni-7

Carcass Weigher for Meat Packaging Our carcass weigher is a four load cell design featuring the latest in high speed weighing technology. Also known as an overhead track scale, or a shipping rail scale, this unit is designed to fit into your existing rail structure. It can be suspended directly from the trolley transport system or independently suspended in high vibration environments. Ideal for meat packing plants.

Ishida Uni-7 for Meat PackagingDesigned for the fast paced world of the meat processing and retail environment, we offer the UNI-7 retail scale from Ishida. These unique retail scales also function as compact counter top printers that make it a breeze to print all types of labels and receipts. Ideal for fish, chicken and other meat packing plants

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