Barcode Printers

Interweigh Systems Inc. supplies barcode printers as well as the accompanying barcode compliance and label design software for companies around the world. Our barcode printers are highly recommended for anyone who counts on bar code printing to improve their data management, accessibility, to reduce costs, and increase productivity. Innovative and easy to install, these barcode printers allow companies in virtually any industry to utilize barcodes for unlimited applications. We supply turn-key bar code printing solutions from Zebra, Toshiba (TEC) and Datamax O'Neil which will enable you to quickly get up to speed on printing your own barcode labels.

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Zebra Xi4 Barcode Label Printers Zebra ZT400 Printer

Zebra Xi4 Barcode PrintersBuilt for high-volume applications and harsh environments, Zebra's Xi4 Series label printers deliver superior print quality and reliability. Boost productivity with faster print and connection speeds, and reduce downtime with early warning. Faster printer speeds - up to 356mm (14``) per second. Fast 10/100 network connectivity as standard. Robust construction.

Zebra ZT400 PrintersThe ZT400 Series is designed for durable, reliable printing in tough environments. Loaded with advanced features, RFID capabilities and Zebra's Link-OS environment, the ZT400 is ideal for a wide array of applications.

Zebra ZT200 Printer Toshiba B-EX4T1

Zebra ZT200 PrintersDesigned with ease-of-use in mind, the ZT200 Series offers reliable printing for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are adopting bar coding for the first time, upgrading your printers or replacing printer models, the ZT200 Series offers the right choice for most labeling applications.

Toshiba B-EX4T1 Barcode Printers The B-EX4T1 Barcode Printer combines 60 years of Auto-ID knowledge, extensive R&D and critical "voice of customer" feedback with the exceptional qualities of a market-leading industrial printer range to design and manufacture a thermal printer series with enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials.

Toshiba B-EX4T2 Zebra 105SL Barcode Label Printers

Toshiba B-EX4T2 Barcode Printers The B-EX4T2 Barcode Printer was designed for a wide variety of applications with a mid-range price tag. Combining 60 years of Auto-ID knowledge, extensive R&D and critical 'voice of customer' feedback to design and manufacture a thermal printer series with enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials.

Zebra 105SL Barcode Label PrintersStreamline operations with flexible connectivity, faster throughput and increased reliability with a barcode label printer made for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Quickly print high-quality barcode labels ideal for shipping/receiving, compliance and other applications.

Datamax O'Neil I-Class Model I-4212E Datamax O'Neil M-Class Model I-4206

Datamax I-4212EWith a solid metal frame and an excellent print quality, the Datamax O'Neil I-4212E is the most comprehensive, cost-effective industrial barcode printer available. Built to meet the toughest printing requirements, the I-4212E incorporates many standard features normally found as options on competitive products.

Datamax M-4206The M-4206 barcode printers from Datamax O'Neil are feature-rich printers within a compact modular design, creating a desktop/ light industrial printer at a value price. The smaller footprint of the M-Class is ideal for users who need the power of an industrial printer, but must consider space limitations.

Toshiba DB-EA4D  

Toshiba DB-EA42 Barcode Printers The compact & multi-purpose 2-sided DB-EA4D Barcode Label Printer is a rugged and robust double-sided label printer designed to offer a low-cost and green solution for applications requiring dual output. With user-friendly operation and high-speed printing, this innovative technology provides a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional single-sided solutions.


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