Axle Scales for the Trucking Industry

Interweigh Systems offers axle scales for measuring the weight of vehicles from dump trucks to big rigs or oil and gas tankers. We supply axle scales for determining a truck's axle weights by weighing each axle, one at a time. Our featured model, the ISI Axle-Weigher, is a single or dual low-level platform that is wide enough to accommodate a double- wheeled axle. It is placed on the ground and with ramps on both sides. The truck is manoeuvred onto the scale, one axle at a time. These axle scales are portable and ideal for weighing a truck on the move.

ISI Portable Axle Scales

Notable Features

  • Capacity is 20 tons.
  • Portable between firm foundations.
  • Mild steel construction.

Advantages: Requires less space than a full Motor Truck Scale and is less expensive.

Applications: Our axle scales are used by:

  • Seasonal industries that do not need a full truck scale.
  • Aggregate industries that move from site to site.
  • Any industry that only wants to verify its truck axle weights do not exceed highway limits.

Axle Scales

Description Specifications
Full Scale Capacity: 20 tons
Construction Mild Steel

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