Mechanical Scales

Interweigh Systems offers mechanical scales for those applications where mechanical scales are more suitable than electronic or digital scales. Our mechanical scales are ideally suited for general industrial use in a warehouse or plant. We carry the following mechanical scales:

General Purpose Portable Beam Scales
Bench Beam Mechanical Scales
Triple Beam and Dial-O-Gram Scales
Platform Dial Scales
Hanging Scales
Spring Dial Scales

General Purpose Portable Beam Scales Bench Beam Scales

Portable Beam ScalesThese all purpose portable beam scales are ideal for general warehouse use, shipping and receiving. 100% cast iron construction.

Bench Beam ScalesThese unique portable bench beam scales are virtually maintenance free, even in hostile environments. Features and benefits include 120 lb, 240 lb and 360 lb capacities, a 12"x 16" x 4" sized platform, heavy duty, cast iron base and platform. Large, engraved, double-sided beam for easy viewing.

Triple Beam and Dial-O-Gram Scales Floor Platform Scales

Triple Beam Scales Classical mechanical triple beam scales. Notched and tiered beams. Positive poise positioning. Specific gravity weighing. Magnetically damped.

Floor Platform ScalesModel HDBP Floor Platform Scales by Chatillon. These rugged floor platform scales are constructed for years of heavy use to provide dependable service with minimum maintenance. Their large 17" (432 mm) dial and heavy duty construction make them ideal for any plant, warehouse or industrial application.

Spring Dial Scales Hanging Scales

Spring Dial ScalesThese spring dial scales are inclined for easy reading. They are available in 14 different models and 9 different weighing capacities.

Hanging ScalesThese heavy-duty hanging scales by Chatillon provide long lasting reliability at an economical price. Three models are offered for weighing bulk items (Model BD), weighing milk (Model 260/270), and for general purpose weighing. Each style comes in various configurations and capacities to handle the requirements of your specific application.

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