Bench Scales

Bench Scales are designed for use on a bench, work table or some sort of work surface. They are available in two main forms: all in one or detachable. The all-in-one configuration features a platform that is integrated with the weighing indicator, while the detachable version has a platform that is separated from the weighing indicator. Our bench scales are perfectly suited for general shipping and food processing applications where accuracy and cleanliness are high priorities. We offer the following bench scales for commercial and industrial applications:

A&D's SJ-WP Series A&D's FG-K Series

SC/SE  Bench ScalesWith a new sensor that keeps its electronics separate and fully sealed, the SJ-WP Series Bench Scale should be your first choice when it comes to food preparation and packaging. Get the highest precision possible under the toughest conditions. Whether its for pizza or vegetable produce, you can count on the SJ-WP for fast and accurate weighing.

FG-K Series Bench ScalesIf you're looking for a bench scale that can check weigh and count, the FG-K Series Bench Scale is definitely worth considering. Its rugged construction can handle most industrial applications without compromising accuracy. Three weighing resolutions allow you to control the necessary precision for each application.

A&D's SC/SE Series Sartorius Bench Scales

SC/SE Bench ScalesDoes cleanliness keep you awake at night? Get the new SC and SE Series Washdown Bench Scales and stop worrying. Rated to IP68 standards, these scale are washdown to the point of being submersible making them ideal for use in dusty or wet environments. With a completely sealed indicator, an epoxy coated anodized aluminum load cell, all stainless steel construction, and a column construction to handle environments with more aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents, these scales are a must buy.

Sartorius Bench ScalesNeed a 10 pound low capacity scale for precision parts counting, batching, sorting or checkweighing? With a flexible configuration that adapts to any customer’s needs, the Sartorius Combics is worth considering. Offering the latest in weighing, measurement and automation technology for laboratory and industrial applications, Combics are built to last and designed for easy installation.

A&D's HV-WP Series Ishida IGX and IGB Series Bench Scales

HV-WP Bench ScalesThe HV-WP Series scales from A & D Weighing are durable stainless scales for a wide variety of applications from shipping and packaging to batching and checkweighing. These scales offer high resolution for those applications requiring enhanced resolutions. Dust, as well as waterproof these scales have an IP-65/NEMA4X rating.

IGX and IGB Bench Scales Expand your range of applications with the IG Series of Digital Platform Scales. With a simple to use tare function, an easy-to-read, rotating display, a check weighing function to simplify control and an auto power off function, these scales give you superior value at a great cost. Equipped with an extra large and ultra bright display that is easy to read in low light conditions, both models will prevent costly errors and waste.

Interweigh ISI-C Bench Scales Interweigh's Ultimate Bench Scales

ISI-C Bench Scales Improve your bottom line with the economy ISI-C bench scale. With a rating capacity of 3 to 600 kg, this scale is ideal for light duty in a warehouse or parts depot. Applications include counting parts in lbs or kg. The ISI-C bench scale gives you high performance value at a great cost.

Ultimate Bench Scales These custom built bench scales by Interweigh Systems are designed for a variety of different applications. With weighing, counting and checkweighing capabilities, the 'Ultimate' features stainless steel construction, several base sizes and more than 10 printing formats. Ideal for the food industry.

Notable Features

The weighing capacity of most bench scales can range anywhere from 6 lbs to 2000 lbs. Some models feature a stainless steel platform, while others are washdown making them easy to clean and maintain in a restaurant or a food processing environment. These scales are ideal for weighing goods being sold by weight. From shipping and receiving to food and chemical processing, bench scales are designed to withstand all kinds of punishment while still providing the accuracy you need.

Bench Scale Applications

Bench scales offer a wide and varied assortment of precise weighing solutions. They can be used for a variety of applications, such as general shipping duties, parcel weighing, parts counting, portion control and many others. The rugged weighing platforms are very well suitable for daily use in dry and wet areas. Different versions feature either a strain gauge technology or electromagnetic force compensation - assuring you the highest accuracy in weighing results. Are ideal for the food processing environment.

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