Crane Scales

Crane Scales are scales used for overhead industrial weighing and are ideal for tough material handling applications in metal handling centers, warehouses, shipping docks, foundries, aviation and batching facilities. At Interweigh Systems Inc., we offer the best in rugged and dependable crane scales from Caston (CAS), Intercomp and Measurement Systems International (MSI).

While crane scales are a type of hanging scale, they are often used for much tougher and bigger applications and can often be found in warehouses or at ports for the off loading of ships. Crane scales have two functions, one is to give you the weight of an item, the other is to ensure operators do not overload the crane or hoist, so they have a safety function. Hanging scales, typically are lower in capacity and price, whist the crane scales have capacities up to 10 tonne and are more expensive.

MSI Crane Scales Caston Crane Scales

MSI Crane ScalesDesigned to meet the most demanding weighing applications, the 3360/4260 crane scales are built for the toughest jobs. Used in fishing, aviation, metals handling and batching applications, the Model 4260 offers you years of dependable operation under the harshest conditions. This model unique features includes microcomputer circuitry, battery powered, easy operation, optional radio control, and rugged construction.

Caston Crane ScalesCAS Corporation offers three easy to use heavy duty crane scales with capacities ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 lbs. All three models come equipped with wireless remote control and are ideal for light, medium and heavy industrial applications.

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Intercomp Crane Scales

Intercomp Crane Scales
Intercomp crane scales are ideal for medium to heavy duty industrial applications. Capacities range from 300/500 lbs to 20,000/600,000 lbs (150/250 kg to 10,000/300,000 kg). With advanced design flexibility including large easy to read LCD indicators, infrared remote controls, Crosby swivel hooks for dynamic loads and a long battery life, CS1500/3000 are the crane scales of choice for a variety of industrial applications.


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