Food Scales for Processing Plants

Food Scales include any weighing device related to food processing. This can include everything from weighing animal carcasses in a meat processing plant to weighing food products in a warehouse, food preparation and service. Our animal carcass scales are in-motion food scales for calculating the weight of animal carcasses hung from a motorized rail system in a meat processing plant. We also manufacture portion scales for preparing food or portion control, bench scales for counting food products, and retail scales for selling foodstuffs by weight.

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ISI 8000 Dynamic Carcass Weigher Ishida UNI-7

ISI 8000 Carcass Weighers Our carcass weigher is a four load cell design featuring the latest in high speed weighing technology. Also known as an overhead track scale, beam scale, a live weigh scale, or a shipping rail scale, this unit is designed to fit into your existing rail structure. It can be suspended directly from the trolley transport system or independently suspended in high vibration environments.

Uni-7 Food Scales Made for the fast paced world of the retail environment, we offer the UNI-7 retail scale from Ishida. These unique retail scales also function as compact counter top printers that make it a breeze to print all types of labels and receipts.

Ishida WM 4000 Wrappers Ishida WM Nano Food Scales and Wrappers

WM 4000 WrappersNot only will the WM 4000 wrap your food products, it will weigh and label them too. This superior retail weigh labeler promises to improve the efficiency of food packaging in supermarkets, food stores and food processing centers. With a maximum wrapping speed of 35 packs every minute, the WM 4000 automatic wrapper offers higher productivity with reliable and durable performance.

WM Nano The WM Nano is an innovative table top automatic wrapping machine from Ishida. Only 28" wide, 34" deep and 28" high, the WM Nano can put the small grocer and food retailer on an equal footing with larger competitors. Up to 15 packages per minute, consistent wrapping, the WM Nano can weigh, wrap and label with the best. Can fit on a counter or table.

Retail Food Scales Interweigh WL7000 Touch Screen Computer

Retail Food Scales We offer retail food scales for selling your goods by weight. If you are weighing food for a diet, a restaurant controlling cost in need of a scale for portion control, or deli or convenience store requiring a scales that offers price computing you will find it here. We offer retail scales from Ishida including the new Astra and UNI 7 from Ishida.

WL7000 Touch Screens The WL7000 is Interweigh's new Touch Screen Industrial XP System. Originally conceived as an industrial computer, the WL7000 fills a variety of diverse functions. Our stainless steel model features a Perma Shell enclosure tat will last and look good for many years and is suitable for food processing deployments. Fully capable of withstanding a wash down workplace, all interface connectors are a minimum IP 67 rated while the enclosure is compliant with an IP56 rating.

FS-i Series SK-WP Series

FS-i Food Scales The FS-i Series checkweighing food scales offer a broad range of weighing features in a robust and waterproof construction. These scales are versatile and portable, and offer you three resolution levels with large bright comparator lights for easy reading under any lighting conditions. Are ideal for verifying food product weights by package.

SK-WP Food ScalesThe SK-WP scales are washdown food scales that are often chosen because they are tough, portable, and extremely easy to clean. They are perfect for use in portioning food lines where portability and cleanliness are important. With its stainless steel construction this scale has IP65/NEMA4 rating. Its 2 key operation makes it easy to use with virtually no training.

HV-WP Bench Scale Interweigh's Ultimate Checkweigher

HV-WP Bench Scales HV-WP Series Bench Scales from A & D Weighing are durable stainless scales for a wide variety of applications from shipping and packaging to batching and checkweighing. These scales offer high resolution for those applications requiring enhanced resolutions. Dust, as well as waterproof these scales have an IP-65/NEMA4X rating.

CheckweighersOur ultimate checkweigher is a custom designed portion scale designed for a variety of different applications. With weighing, counting and checkweighing capabilites, the 'Ultimate' features stainless steel construction, several base sizes and more than 10 printing formats. It offers units of measure in lb, kg, g, and ounces. Designed for use in food preparation and processing where cleanliness is a necessity, this portion control scale is ideal for the food service industry.

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers In addition to our weighing systems, we also offer a collection of vacuum sealers including floor, table top, swing lid vacuum sealers, and tray sealing machines. Store your food products using the best vacuum packaging equipment available today. Our vacuum packaging equipment, along with our weighing and labelling systems are used throughout the Canadian food industry.


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