Lift Truck Scales: LTEF-16-N

Lift Truck Scales feature a unique single load cell design that is ideal for a wide variety of shipping and receiving operations and applications in virtually every segment of the industrial marketplace. From the beginning, the LTS lift truck scale has continually demonstrated superior load sample linearity, enhanced serviceability, as well as improved heel-to-toe/fork-to-fork accuracy. It's rugged design and construction offers a variety of safety features and can be built with a capacity of 50,000 pounds.

Lift TruckScales

Notable Features

  • Legal For Trade.
  • Digital accuracy to 1/10th of 1% of scale capacity.
  • Utilizes a system of multiple flexures, which absorbs the constant shock of load-bearing while transferring the weight to a single-cell load mechanism.
  • Two sturdy bolts that impart a 5-1 safety margin.
  • Flexure scales are designed for easy, on-the-spot replacement, thus eliminating costly downtime.
  • Flexure scales are designed without moving parts, facilitating easy, on-the-spot replacement and eliminating costly downtime.

Lift Truck Scales

Carriage Class II
Front Plate Dimensions 16" x 36"
Back Plate Width 31"
Capacity 1000 lb. - 5000 lb
Standard Graduation 1 lb - 5 lb.

Accuracy: Digital accuracy to 1/10th of 1% of scale capacity with the lift truck mast in a level position (Note: An option is available that would automatically maintain this high degree of accuracy even in an out-of-level condition).

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