Platform Scales

We offer a complete selection of industrial platform scales for all types of applications, whether your particular needs are for scientific, commercial, industrial, or any other areas where precise results are important. Nowadays, platform scales refers to a wide field of applications in the industrial weighing industry. They cover the design and configuration of equipment such as high precision laboratory balances, shop counter scales and personal weighing machines right through to post office weighers and medical scales. For more information about the different configurations that our platform scales come in, follow any of the links below.

A&D's HV-WP Series Interweigh's Ultimate Checkweigher

HV-WP Platform ScalesThis low profile floor scale features a durable platform design that can handle all kinds of forklift traffic. It comes with a 300% overload capacity and a 150% end-load capacity. Easy to install and relocate. Levels with foot adjustment. Can be installed above or below ground.

Ultimate Checkweigher Platform ScaleThis is a custom built scale by Interweigh systems designed for a variety of different applications. With weighing, counting and checkweighing capabilities, the 'Ultimate' features stainless steel construction, several base sizes and more than 10 printing formats. Ideal for the food industry.

Interweigh ISI-C Bench Platform Scales Sartorius Platform Scales

Platform Scales Improve your bottom line with the economical ISI-C bench scale. With a rating capacity of 3 to 600 kg, this scale is ideal for light duty in a warehouse or parts depot. Applications include counting parts in lbs or kg. The ISI-C bench scale gives you high performance value at a great cost.

Sartorius Platform Scales When it comes to platform scales, the Midrics has it all. Simple to use, reliable, easy to clean and it offers it all in a wide range of platform sizes, resolutions and weighing capacities. As a leader in high resolution accuracy, the Midrics is a combination of the latest in weighing technology, high grade construction materials and first class workmanship.

Rice Lake's Platform Scales Interweigh's Low Profile Platform Floor Scales

Platform Scales An easy-to-lift polyethylene top plate on the RoughDeck HP provides an efficient mechanism for busy cleanup personnel. Ideal for food processing and other applications requiring frequent washdown, the RoughDeck HP provides easy underdeck cleaning by lifting the plastic top to gain access to the stainless steel understructure.

Platform Floor Scales This low profile floor scale features a durable platform design that can handle all kinds of forklift traffic. It comes with a 300% overload capacity and a 150% end-load capacity. Easy to install and relocate. Levels with foot adjustment. Can be installed above or below ground. For more information click.

Interweigh's Lift Deck Platform Scale Ishida IGX and IGB Series Bench Platform Scales

Lift Deck Platform Scales This scale features a weighing capacity from 1,000 lb to 10,000 lb. Has a platform size of 4' x 4' and up with checkered steel top deck. Gas shocks make it effortless to raise the scale platform for easy cleaning. Safety supporting rods ensure that the deck in the up position stays up during the cleaning. Installation can include pit construction and coping.

Ishida Platform Scales Expand your range of applications with the IG Series of Digital Platform Scales. With a simple to use tare function, an easy-to-read, rotating display, a check weighing function to simplify control and an auto power off function, these scales give you superior value at a great cost. Equipped with an extra large and ultra bright display that is easy to read in low light conditions, both models will prevent costly errors and waste.

What Are Platform Scales?

Platform scales are industrial weighing devices that consist of a platform joined to an automatic system of levers, adjustable weights, and one or more load cells, usually arranged under a platform or scale pan which is used to weigh large or heavy objects. Our scales include everything from small platform scales that can be used on a bench, right through to large capacity floor platform scales commonly used with fork lift trucks for weighing pallets. Whether itís for the food processing or fishing industries, food packaging, industrial, pharmaceutical and shipping applications, we offer platform scales that provide reliable, rugged and outstanding price performance.

Our platform scales feature digital displays from liquid crystal display (LCD), to light-emitting diode (LED), or vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). They are also accurate in so far as they offer correct measurements, i.e., that it closely matches the value being measured, and precise in that they can provide extremely detailed measurement is, i.e., 0.5 vs 0.456 grams. Precision counting scales, for instance, are typically used to determine the number of parts in large sample of identical pieces. They determine the number of parts in a sample by weighing the sample, and dividing it by the weight of each individual part. If counting parts by hand is too boring and time consuming, we have the counting scale for you.

Our platform scales feature a configuration where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator via a cord 5 feet or more in length. The weighing capacities range from 6 lb to 2000 lbs. Some models feature a stainless steel platform, while others or washdown scales perfect for the restaurant marketplace. Applications also include general shipping. Our platform scales are perfect for weighing goods being sold by weight.

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