Portion Control Scales

Interweigh Systems offers portion control scales for food servicing, restaurants and all food processing plants. Our portion control scales are light capacity scales with the ability to weigh products in pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams. They are ideal for portion packing and checkweighing duties. Lightweight and compact, these scales are a popular choice for many food processing operations. In addition to our own custom built portion scales, we offer the IW Series by Ishida.

Ishida IWB Series The Ultimate Checkweigher

IWB Series Portion Scales Constructed of water-proof stainless steel, and a battery life of 1000 hours, the versatile IWB portion scales are ideal for food processing applications - from agricultural and fishery industries to wholesaling and retailing industries. The IW-Series meets IP-67 requirements even allowing washdown for highest sanitary conditions. These durable portion scales can be washed and sprayed with water, allowing for easy cleaning.

Ulitmate Portion Control Scales These custom built portion control scales are designed for a variety of different applications. With weighing, counting and checkweighing capabilites, the 'Ultimate' features stainless steel construction, several base sizes and more than 10 printing formats. Offers units of measure in lb, kg, g, and ounces. Designed for use in food preparation and processing where cleanliness is a necessity, this portion control scale is ideal for the food service industry.

IWB Series Portion Scales Ulitmate Portion Control Scales
Ishida IWQ Series Ishida IWX Series

IWB Series Portion Scales Made with water-proof stainless steel, and IP-67 rating, the multi-function IWQ portion scales are the perfect tool for busy food preparation and service professionals The IWQ Series is easy to clean and can be used as a counting scale or as a checkweigher for food packaging.

Ulitmate Portion Control Scales With a rating of IP-67 and made of water-proof stainless steel, IWX portion scales are the best portion control scales are the market today. Featuring a large, clear fluorescent display with digital height over 30 mm, the IWX Series provides superior visibility under any conditions.

IWB Series Portion Scales Ulitmate Portion Control Scales
FS-i Portion Scales A&D SK-WP Portion Control Scales

FS-i Portion Scales The FS-i portion control scales offer a wide range of features in a rugged water resistant construction. Versatile and portable, these scales offer you three resolution levels with large bright comparator lights that are easy to read under even poor lighting conditions. They are also perfect for verifying food weight by package.

A&D Portion Control ScalesThese scales are washdown portion scales that are often chosen because they`re extremely easy to clean, tough and portable. They are best used in portioning food lines where portability and cleanliness are a necessity. With stainless steel construction these scales have a IP65/NEMA4 rating. The 2 key operation makes it easy to use with very little training.

IWB Series Portion Scales Ulitmate Portion Control Scales

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