Postal Scales

We offer industrial postal scales for all types of shipping and mailing applications. Postal scales are designed to increase shipping mailing efficiency by reducing overpayment on outgoing mail and many other shipping items. Obtaining a reliable and accurate scale should help you save 10% - 15% on postage. Choosing the right postal scale is critical to those savings. Postal scales come in both manual and electronic versions:

  • Manual Postal Scales use a balance or a spring to weigh envelopes, while electronic scales use a pressure-sensing microprocessor. Manual scales can be very accurate, but usually require users to accurately read the weight from a mechanical needle, which increases the chances for human error.
  • Electronic Postal Scales provide a clear, unambiguous digital readout - unlikely to cause any confusion. To further reduce the likelihood of error, many digital scales can be interfaced with a postage meter to automatically set the meter to the appropriate amount.
Ultegra Postal Scales - Flat Top Ultegra MAX Postal Scales - Flat Top

Postal Scales At Interweigh, we know that not every weighing situation is the same. On behalf of Fairbanks, we supply Ultegra postal scales to fit the needs of a wide variety of mail and package shippers. This version of the scale comes with a serial interface and a Universal Serial Bus port. It is also compatible with most FedEx and UPS shipping systems.

Postal Scales The Ultegra MAX - Flat Top is a reliable and accurate bench scale designed for package weighing or general industrial use. The Ultegra MAX boasts a 250-pound capacity. The flat top design allows for easy static weighments.

Postal Scales Postal Scales
Ultegra Postal Scales - Roller Top Ultegra MAX Postal Scales - Roller Top

Postal Scales A 150-pound capacity bench scale made from a strong and lightweight ABS composite material. The Ultegra Roller top is designed for ergonomic applications. This scale is ideal for parcel shipping and is compatible with most shipping systems via a USB interface (HID device).

Postal Scales A dependable and accurate scale designed for package weighing or general industrial use. The Ultegra MAX boasts a 250-pound capacity. The roller top design allows for easy in-line weighing.

Postal Scales Postal Scales

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