Wireless and Ethernet Switches

Interweigh Systems Inc. supplies the following components for wireless infrastructure installations. We also offer on-site surveys, and will install and Ethernet connect all proposed Access Ports along with the accompanying antennas to the wireless hub and power over Ethernet. Count on Zebra's award-winning comprehensive line of wireless and ethernet switches for all your mobility needs. Allow all your devices to communicate wirelessly with your front office using Interweigh's Connective Interfaces.

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Wireless Infrastructure

Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, Zebra's family of award-winning wireless networking products will meet, if not exceed, your needs. Zebra was the first to develope the wireless LAN. Their products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of wireless networking: with the performance and reliability you need to keep your mobile employees connected and productive, the security you need to protect your data and devices; and the scalability to meet your network demands today - and tomorrow.

Our complete line of next- generation wireless switches and access ports as well as access points allows you to select the most cost-effective wireless LAN for your environment. Bridges and client adapters allow you to easily connect literally any device - from mobile handheld devices to bar code scanners, cash registers, and even large assembly line equipment. And our Power-Over-Ethernet products simplify and reduce the cost of installing access points and access ports by eliminating the need for power outlets, providing flexible and cost-efficient wireless network design.

AP 621 Wireless Access Point RFS 7000 Wireless Switch
AP 621 Wireless Access Points

The AP 621 Wireless Access Point is designed to reduce installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting costs for secure and reliable 802.11n Wireless LAN (WLAN) in branch offices or headquarters facilities. Features a MIMO radio, superior receive and transmit sensitivity, and a GigE WAN uplink port.

RFS 7000 Wireless Switch

Designed for large scale, high bandwidth deployments, the RFS7000 provides robust, highly scalable support forenterprise mobility.

Get the performance and scalability you need to propel your large, high-bandwidth wireless network. Built on Zebra's Wi-NG architecture, the RFS7000 enables campus-wide roaming across subnets with a wireless switch that improves failover capabilities, enhances quality of service, increases voice capacity and provides superior security.

RFS 6000 Wireless Switch RFS 4000 Wireless LAN Controllers
RFS 6000 Wireless Switches

Consider the RFS600 Wireless LAN switches and voice communications platform for medium to large enterprises.

This integrated wireless LAN communication platform enables the delivery of highly secure mobile voice and data services inside and outside the enterprise. Designed for medium to large enterprises, the RFS6000 simplifies and reduces the cost associated with converged solutions by delivering the best in class performance, security, scalability and manageability - allowing it to meet the needs of your demanding mission critical business applications.

RFS 6000 Wireless Switches

The RFS 4000 Wireless LAN Controller is designed to provide any branch office or remote facility with high performance, comprehensive, cost-effective and secure wireless and wired networking services.

The RFS 4000 delivers rich voice support including Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) now, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and IP PBX in thefuture; rich video support including video conferencing and video surveillance; multiple locationing technologies such as Wi-Fi andRFID; plus support for multiple RF technologies, including future technologies such as Wi-MAX. The RFS4000 is the only product in its class that offers dual band access concurrent with Mesh services as well as gap free security with 24x7 Wireless Intrusion Protection System (IPS).

Interweigh has completed many Wireless Infrastructure installations, deploying the latest power over Ethernet (POE) technology.

On-site Wireless Surveys

On-site surveys are optionally available. If a prospect is interested in an 'On-Site Survey', a firm quote for this option is available based on an AutoCAD drawing of the premise. For the On-Site Survey Interweigh will provide a technician to visit the site and perform a site survey documenting all applicable areas and ensure signal coverage to these areas. A Site Survey Report will be completed and submitted to the prospect outlining all applicable access port locations, antenna locations and directions, cable routing, hub locations and requirements, and coverage areas.

All labour, expenses and material are included to complete this. Site Survey's come complete with a standard 1 year warranty based on the assumption that the customer installs the specified technology and does not relocate any structural devices throughout the location.

Process (without an On-Site Survey)

Interweigh Systems will install and Ethernet connect all proposed Access Ports along with the accompanying antennas to the wireless hub and power over Ethernet. All Access Points will then be tested with the proposed wireless data collection terminals to ensure consistent and overlapping coverage. If areas are found where with the Access Point coverage is not adequate the customer will be notified as to what options are available. Included in an Interweigh supplied proposal is a calculated guess of the required number of Access Ports. The customer will be advised if further hardware is required.

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