Truck Scale Software

Looking for innovative truck scale software to enhance productivity and lower costs? Interweigh Systems offers InterAct database transaction software for streamlining a wide range of data collection processes from warehouse shipping and receiving to barcode scanning, industrial scale systems, and barcode label printing. Our software can be custom designed to help you get the information you need. Our easy-to-use software programs offer all kinds of advanced features that are sure to help you streamline your operation. Our software packages allow you to easily connect any scale or balance with the RS-232 feature to a PC with WinCT software. They also allows you to import the data from your weighing device into your PC software, such as Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista based Word or Excel software.

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Truck Scale Software

Notable Features

  • Most configurable software for truck (rail or floor) scale operations.
  • Works with a number of manufacturers’ scale instruments.
  • Can interface with most external printing devices.
  • Runs up to two scales.
  • Feature-packed software for in/out weighing, stored tares, basic material tracking and basic reporting.
  • Offers accounting features such as invoicing, payment tracking and reconciliation reports.
  • Offers more complex features such as detailed invoicingand statement functions.

Truck Scale Software

Truck Scale Software - InterAct

LOur new Interact Database Scale Transaction Software is the industry’s most revolutionary truck scale software data handling program ever written. It is designed for customers who need flexibility, data storage, data reporting and data networking capabilities. Windows® XP compatible, and runs on most PCs including Fairbanks’ new FB 3000 Series Instrument. Also compatible with most other scale manufacturers’ instruments.

Truck Scale Software to Meet Your Needs

Collect data, print tickets and generate reports with our truck scale software. Interact is a software solution that saves you time and money while making your operations more efficient. Not only is it easy to learn and use, it is also extremely flexible and versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways and can be interfaced with unattended data collection systems, remote printers, and RFID equipment.

We will consult with you before you purchase our software to make sure you get the features you need for your individual application. For your convenience, our experienced support team can perform a demo to guide you through a variety of simulated transactions and printing of reports. This will give you a hands on experience with real time transactions allowing you to questions about all the features of the software package.


Interact brings a variety of industries the data processing solution they’ve been looking for. It was designed for multi platform truck scale operations including truck stops and any other public operations that charge fees to weigh and certify trucks for highway travel. Because of its versatility, this transaction software has many other applications in the following industries:

  • Solid Waste
  • Chemical
  • Transfer Stations
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Scrap/Recycling
  • Timber
  • Food Processing
  • Textile
  • Coal

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