Swine Sorter

Interweigh Systems Inc. custom designs and supplies industrial scales and complete weighing systems to meet your specific weighing needs. Our swine sorter is a prime example of our custom design expertise. The swine sorter is a new and exciting animal management system. Convert your 1,000 head barn to an automatic sorting facility in just one day. Swine Sorter’ is Interweigh’s revolutionary new automatic sorting scale is loaded with smart features and capable of providing more barn management information than competitive scales.

Swine Sorter

Notable Features

  • A barn management system.
  • Reset automatic power out.
  • Paint identification for lot tracking.
  • Constructed with 304 Surgical Stainless Steel.
  • Speed of 2 to 5 pigs per minute.

The Swine Sorter is a pig and operator friendly scale designed by Interweigh for long lasting durability. Swine Sorter sorts pigs to match packer pricing programs and reduces the labour of sorting and loading. The Swine Sorter scale accurately weighs and sorts pigs at marketing and allows for the monitoring of weights throughout the feeding period. With Swine Sorter feed withdrawal before marketing is possible, resulting in lower feed costs and better meat quality.

This technology precisely sorts out animals at marketing, and allows accurate monitoring of weight at various stages of growth. As a result, a higher percentage of animals will be sold within the matrix and nutritionists can formulate diets more specifically to reflect real weights and average daily gain.

Swine Sorter

Animal Management System

Indicator for Swine Sorter

Proper pig training, beginning almost as soon as pigs enter the barn, is essential in automatic sorting facilities.

Swine Sorter teaches the pigs to exit the scale toward both directions to prevent balking during actual sorting. That improves throughput.

Swine Sorter operates at very low pressure so it gives pigs a positive experience--there is no harsh banging or squeezing from high pressure gates. That also improves sorting efficiency.

Smart response during timeouts. When an inexperienced pig moves erratically or spends too long on the scale, it reacts by sending the pig to the appropriate side (heavy or light), rather than a default side like many competitive scales. This contributes to more accurate sorting.

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