Vacuum Food Storage Equipment - MVS 45LII

We offer a wide range of vacuum food storage equipment including floor, table top, and swing lid vacuum sealers. Our vacuum sealers are designed for storing and preserving a wide variety of food for sale in a supermaket, deli or convenience store. More than ever before, it is imperative that food be stored in an airless environment, usually in an air tight plastic pack or bottle to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Our sealers create an airless environment that removes oxygen, protecting the food from spoiling due to the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi. Protect your food and business with the best in vacuum food storage equipment.

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MVS 45LII - Floor Single Chamber

Quickly vacuum pack food and more with the model MVS 45LII vacuum sealer. The MVS 45LII single chamber floor sealer is flexible, easily programmable and inexpensive. It is designed to vacuum pack foodstuffs by removing oxygen as well as any chemical and biological pollutant present in the environment. To achieve the vacuum level you wamt, just program the machine in order to remove almost all the air contained in the packet. Our vacuum sealers excel at preventing food contamination while preserving the food's organoleptic features, color, taste, flavor and nutritive value.

Notable Features

  • Chamber: 18" x 18" x 9" H
  • 14" between seal bars
  • 2 seal bars 17.75" L & R)
  • Power - 115V / 18A / 1hp
  • Ship Weight - 256 pounds
  • Footprint - 22" x 24" x 55" H

Applications For Vacuum Food Storage

  • Industrial
  • Deli
  • Fish
  • Meat

MVS 45LII Floor Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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